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Hangar-9 1/4-scale Cub Floats in for review

These great looking water gear just came in for review.

1/4 Scale Cub Floats


Key Features

  • Strong, durable, fiberglass construction
  • Ultimate scale detail including rivets, chines & scale gear struts
  • Internal water rudder servo for easy installation
  • Front hatch for lead facilitates easy balancing of floats on a variety of model types
  • Designed for easy installation, accurate alignment and performance
  • Dual water rudder option for improved water steering
  • Spring loaded dual water rudders




These scale fiberglass floats are specifically designed for the Hangar 9 to maintain steering even if they strike an object in the water. And, the internal water rudder servo facilitates easy installation. The ht=805 src=”/Media/News/osmg1975.jpg” width=914 border=0> 

Bring on the competition!


Designed expressly for F3C competition, the 91HZ delivers the high-end power and hovering stability needed for executing competition-level heli maneuvers.  For discriminating pilots looking for an edge!

  • The piston and crankshaft are newly designed to further reduce vibration and improve torque stability over the entire rpm range.
  • The rectangular heatsink has been designed to enable it to fit entirely inside the cooling shroud while maximizing the cooling effects and lowering operational temperatures.
  • A thermo insulator on the carburetor blocks engine heat to ensure more stable fuel/air mix.
  • Includes a needle valve control lever to allow for in-flight carb adjustments as needed for F3C competition.



  • Displacement: 0.91 cu in (14.95 cc)

  • Bore: 1.09 in (27.7 mm)

  • Stroke: 0.98 in (24.8 mm)

  • Practical RPM: 2,000-16,000

  • Power Output: 3.4 hp @ 15,000 rpm

  • Weight: 1.36 lb (618 g)

  • Includes: #8 glow plug, needle control lever, extra 0.2 mm head gasket, cap screws



     Street Price :$399.99


    AVAILABLE:  Late August


    For more information please visit:


  • Updated: August 5, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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