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Heli-Max High-Performance Brushless Heli Motors

Heli-Max High-Performance Brushless Heli Motors



Heli-Max™ High-Performance Brushless Heli Motors are equipped with pinion gears and mounting hardware.  A built-in cooling fan keeps motor running temperatures down while oversized main bearings extend motor longevity.  The 450 3500kV is a real power booster for the Axe™ 4 and other 400-size helis.  The 480 4400kV takes 450-size machines like the T-Rex to a higher level.


HMXG8002    HP 450 3500kV Brushless Motor       Street:$54.99

HMXG8003    HP 480 4400kV Brushless Motor       Street:$59.99


AVAILABLE:  Early June

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:07 PM
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