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High-Performance Electric Wing

High-Performance Electric Wing
The Phase3 Fantom is an electric ducted fan model that comes with a BRUSHLESS MOTOR and ESC included! This responsive plane offers high-speed fun for intermediate to advanced pilots! Fantom has the power to do the simply AMAZING! Fantom is easily and safely hand launched, but has the thust to rise-off-ground (ROG)

The FANTOM specifications: Wingspan: 890mm (35in) Length: 680mm (27in) Wing Area: 23.94dm2 (371in2) Weight: 550~650g (19.4~22.9oz) Wing Loading: 25g/dm2 (8.19oz/ft2) Motor Performance: 45,000~50,000rpm Motor Name: M21-10L brushless (included) ESC: 11.1V, 30A (included) Transmitter: 3-ch. with elevon mixing (required) Airborne: 3-channel micro with two 7-10g micro servos (required) Battery: 3-cell Li-Po (required)

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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