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Hobby Lobby MIG-15 EPO Jet ARF

Hobby Lobby MIG-15 EPO Jet ARF

MIG-15 EPO Jet ARF from Hobby Lobby

Fast, Tough, No frills fun at a great price

This Mig has a 28″ wingspan, is 28″ long and has a flying weight of 18-1/2 oz. looking for a jet that you can take anywhere and fly at a moments notice? Look no further, the Mig-15 is a receiver-ready EPO jet that is pre-painted and ready to assemble in about an hour. The wings and tail are reinforced with carbon tubes for a solid and reliable airframe. Designed for simple everyday flying, the model is hand launched and lands on the reinforced drop tanks.

Includes a 64mm ducted fan with a 4300Kv outrunner brushless motor and 30 amp controller with BEC. A 1600mAh 3-cell LiPo battery (pre-connected with genuine Deans Ultra connectors) supplies the power. Three 9-gram servos are pre-installed and ready to plug into your radio equipment; a minimum of 3 channels is required. The large battery hatch is held in place by magnets making battery swaps quick and easy. Easy to hand launch, the model handles easily and is a solid performer with good speed and a quick roll rate. Landings are low anxiety events due to the slow approach speed and the tough airframe.

Mig-15 EPO Jet ARF Specs:

  • Wingspan: 28 in. (711mm)
  • Length: 28 in. (711mm)
  • Flying weight: 18.5 oz. (524g)
  • 64mm EDF
  • 4300Kv outrunner brushless motor
  • 3-cell, 11.1V, 1600 mAh 20C lipo battery with genuine Deans Ultra connector
  • 30A speed control with BEC and genuine Deans Ultra connector
  • Wing and Horizontal tail reinforced with 3mm carbon tube
  • Three 9 gram Servos
  • No Landing gear

MIG-15 EPO Jet ARF $119.99

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:21 PM
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