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Joey’s RC Raptor Prop Jet Kit

Joey’s RC Raptor Prop Jet Kit













Joey’s RC F-22 Kit

This easy to build all-foam prop jet design has amazing slow and high-speed performance and you can set it up for amazing aerobatics. Rudder is optional but kit includes supplies for them. Instruction manual shows photo assembly sequence. Paint this RC aerobat anyway you like USAF F-22, F-35 etc.

Kit features:

·         CNC cut 6mm Depron parts,

·         basic hardware,

·         carbon fiber spar and pushrods,

·         2 servos, 32A ESC

·         brushless motor

·         ply mount.

Requires: 2250mAh Lipo Battery pack.


Type: Aerobatic RC prop jet

Span: 27”

 Length: 37”

Wing Area: 500 sq.in.

RTF Weight: 19 oz.

Wing Loading: 6 oz/sq.ft.

Power Req’d: 11.1v, 2250mAh

Price: $99 (plus S&H)


Contact Information:


1 (805) 927-2355


You See flight video of the Raptor go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=987uNySXgpM&feature=related



Updated: April 13, 2011 — 10:01 AM
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