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John Glezellis takes top Honors at XFC!

John Glezellis takes top Honors at XFC!

Congratulation to our good friend John “Bravo” Glezellis, for winning first place at the 2010 Extreme Flight Challenge (XFC). If he looks familiar to you he should, John is a regular contributor to Model Airplane News and the talented pilot on our DVD “Aerobatics Made Easy”. Check out our complete coverage right HERE

Airplane Standings XFC 2010

John Glezellis 2000.0000

Jason Noll 1972.5377

Gabriel Altuz 1878.4797

Seth Arnold 1762.9296

Nicolas Pinaon 1701.8047

RJ Gritter 1661.6299

Sean McMurtry 1651.3177

Helicopter Standings XFC 2010

Kyle Dahl 1984.4885

Bobby Watts 1941.6478

Jamie Robertson 1927.8873

Kyle Stacy 1845.6570

Colin Bell 1834.6995

Matt Botos 1769.7522

Nick Maxwell 1500.0000

Updated: June 15, 2010 — 10:00 AM

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