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JR Americas 3F2100 LiFe Transmitter Pack And NEC-J17 LiFe Charger

JR Americas 3F2100 LiFe Transmitter Pack And NEC-J17 LiFe Charger

The advantages of using a LiFe battery pack over the traditional NiCd/NiMH packs or LiPo packs are numerous. LiFe packs are a unique lithium battery chemistry that feature light weight and high energy density characteristic of lithium batteries, but are much more stable and do not require regulators to lower voltage.

Older JR transmitters operate at a higher voltage, therefore replacing the battery pack with the same battery in an XG-series radio is not possible. The 3F2100 is a 9.6v nominal pack that will operate the same in your transmitter as the original unit, but with much better performance and you’ll charge less frequently.

The charger and battery are available as a combo (JRPB4038) or individually as required.

LiFe Transmitter Battery/Charger Combo
JRPB4038 | $104.99 MAP

3F2100 9.6v LiFe Transmitter Battery
JRPB4159 | $79.99 MAP

NEC-J17 LiFe Battery Charger
JRPB4027 | $49.99 MAP

3F2100 LiFe Transmitter Pack And NEC-J17 LiFe Charger

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:07 PM
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