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JR Americas NEX E6-550 Full Combo With 3-Blade Head

JR Americas NEX E6-550 Full Combo With 3-Blade Head

Looking for a solid mid-sized helicopter that’s stylish, high quality and has a proven performance record? Hate the thought of shopping around for all of the electronics to complete the build? Hate the thought of throwing away a perfectly good two-blade head because you want to run a three-bladed head? Check out the new E6-550 3-blade combo from JR.

Earlier this year, JR introduced a new FRP canopy and tail boom cover for their proven E6-550 helicopter, and now they have upped the ante by putting together a full combo with all of the options, and all high quality components worthy of such a thoroughbred machine.

Included in the kit are: (3) DS11 digital brushless cyclic servos, DS3500G tail gyro servo, NHM-40-8P 1750Kv motor, NHA-75-SB5 V2 75A ESC, TAGs 01 flybarless controller, MB-331 3-blade rotor head with blades, one touch battery mount, and the new FRP canopy and tail boom cover.

The E6-550 is an elegant mid-sized machine with explosive 3D performance. If you’ve been on the fence for a while about buying one, check out the new combo packages. They’re more affordable than you probably think, and it’s never been easier to get into a JR machine with all the options.

JRP988351 | $999.99 MAP

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:07 PM
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