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Ki-15 Karigane (Wild Goose)

Ki-15 Karigane (Wild Goose)

Briefly in 1937, the Mitsubishi Ki-15 (Allied code-name “Babs”) was the fastest production aircraft in the world! The Ki-15 Karigane (Wild Goose) was a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft with a top speed of 300mph. It was about the same size as a P-47 Thunderbolt but only one-third as heavy and had a range that was four times that of a Spitfire. Built from an Andersen Designs plan and flown by Brian Rawcliffe, this 120-inch-span model weighs 30 pounds and is 83 inches long. Thanks to Tbobborap1 for taking and posting this terrific video!

Updated: February 23, 2017 — 10:32 AM
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  1. Beautifully done model, but your description stating it could outfly a P-47 or Spitfire is ridiculous…the fact that this plane “briefly” was the fastest in the world in 1937 is impressive, but that’s it’s only claim to fame…

    1. Please be fair to Debra’s article. Being lighter than a P47 and having a longer range than a Spitfire does not mean that the Ki-15 could “…outfly a P47 or Spitfire”.

    2. Lighten up little sister….

  2. A beautiful airplane. But he should find someone who can fly it. The landing (and the takeoff for that matter) were pathetic. Ever heard of the flare?

  3. Hey, we should all appreciate the dedication required to build such a model aircraft. Research the facts, after all it was a “two-seat reconnaissance aircraft with a top speed of 300mph.”

  4. This is a reconnaissance airplane and a beautiful one at that and should not be compared to fighter planes such as the P-47 or the spitfire.the time and effort to build such a magnificent model is the only thing I care about.

  5. Why spoil a good story with the facts?

  6. It is a shame that he didn’t know where the runway was for the landing.It would have been a better flight and less likely to damage the plane.

  7. Probably they meant a P-36 Hawk ( the P-40 Hawk first flew in 1938 instead of a P-47 which didn’t exist in 1937 ( first flew in 1941 ), But when it did begin flying , even the early versions were 400+mph airplanes .

    Still this KI 15 is impressive for 1936/7 airplane , especially dragging the huge landing gear & pants .

  8. Thanks for showing this beautiful model of a rarely reproduced airplane.
    My hats’ off to the builder and pilot of this magnificent model.

  9. I have built one which is ready to paint and I have no idea where to get the graphics. Can any one help?

  10. Being the owner of a 168″WS 63 lb Metal covered B-29, I agree that you should just enjoy the craft………….That is ’till you build your own, THEN you can be critical…..
    Warbirds West

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