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MAN at Top Gun — Thursday Tent Tour — David Wigley

MAN at Top Gun — Thursday Tent Tour — David Wigley


We arrived at Top Gun today and headed straight to the flightline. We bumped into Past Mr. Top Gun winner David Wigley who was getting ready for Static judging. This year he again is competing with his amazing Bristol Beaufighter. The 1/5-scale British warbird has a 138 inch wingspan and is powered by two BME 102cc gas engines.


David adds some last minute touchups before his static judging.


Adding a little bit of scale magic!



Updated: April 30, 2015 — 9:32 PM
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  1. That Bristol Beaufighter leaves me drooling to have one. Wonderful scale flyer!

  2. It’s such a shame that this plane crashed. I’m just wondering why Mr. Wigley put it so low to the ground for that torpedo drop. FYI, he struck the right wing and prop. He was able to climb out initially but made a fatal error trying to come back to the runway. You cannot turn to the side off a dead engine on a twin engine plane. You’ll simply stall out. Again, it really sucks to loose such an amazing looking model.

  3. You can turn any direction you want , just maintain VMC airspeed.

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