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Megatech Prowler

Just look at the Prowler and the phrase “evolution-of-flight” comes to mind. And in so many ways, this statement truly applies. This isn’t one of those designs that went from the drawing board, directly into manufacture, as is the case with so many other model airplane designs.

From its “T”-tail design, which puts the horizontal stabilizer up out of the wake of the main wing, to its streamlined conical fuselage, the Prowler is a study in low-drag/high-lift refinement. All of which adds up to smooth performance and optimized flight duration.

The combination of maximized lift and minimized drag is derived from Prowler’s under cambered polyhedral wing. Simply put, nothing was overlooked when it came to designing its stability and grace.

From the inception, and throughout the stages of prototype refinement and testing, Megatech designers kept one directive in mind.

“Product the most efficient and easy to fly model possible… then deliver it ready-to-fly!”

P R O D U C T   I N F O
Product Name: PROWLER
Part Number: MTC 9945
Product Description: 3 Channel Electric RTF Glider Airplane
Recommended Age: 14 to Adult
Length : 51 inches
  Wingspan:   31.5 inches
  Weight:   22 oz.
  Requires:   8 AA Batteries
  Charge Time:   30 minutes (DC)
3 Hours (AC)
Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:16 AM
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