HELI TALK: GREASE ‘EM UP — Important of Bearing Lubrication

Dec 05, 2016 No Comments by

Bearing lubrication is a regular source of debate in the RC helicopter world, starting with whether to relube bearings or simply replace as needed. In the former case, the best tools, materials, and techniques for servicing bearings can be a source of confusion for many fliers. This month, we’ll try to cut through the fog […]

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AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO MADE EASY — Having fun with your eye in the sky

Nov 30, 2016 No Comments by

Although they are very popular now, quadcopters have been around for quite a while. Flying enthusiasts started creating them when the very first gyro came out for RC helicopters. Now, almost every major RC company has at least one model available, while many of them have two or three. Check out any hobby store and […]

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Flying the Perfect Hyper Rolling-S

Nov 28, 2016 No Comments by

Aerobatic pilots are constantly creating new flight tricks by combining maneuvers and working them up into new shapes and figures. The Hyper Rolling S is one such stunt, and it’s truly a showstopper! It’s an aggressive move that’s demanding on both the pilot and the airplane. It is also unique so it will take spectators […]

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TIPS & TRICKS — More Workshop hints to make modeling easier and fun.

Nov 21, 2016 No Comments by

Illustrations by Richard Thompson SLICING BALSA When you cut balsa sheets to length and try to make the cut all with one stroke of the hobby knife, the exit of the blade will often cause the wood to split along the grain. Here’s a way to prevent this. After drawing a pencil guideline, cut a […]

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Rigging for Giant Scale Models — doing it right!

Nov 17, 2016 No Comments by

Scale-model builders are always in pursuit of replicating features found on full-scale subjects. One common struggle revolves around wing and tail structure rigging wires. In working out techniques, critical decisions are often made that have a direct impact on the project’s structural integrity. I recently purchased a Handley Page monoplane that was designed and built […]

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VOLTS OR AMPS — Need more power? What you need to know!

Nov 15, 2016 No Comments by

When you’re deciding on a battery pack for a high-performance airplane, you have two options: use a higher cell pack (more volts) or a pack with higher capacity (more amps). Of course, you could run the numbers and get the answer, but I decided to do a real-life experiment, using a Shoestring as a test […]

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SKYEYE PUSHER — A sport flyer with built-in First-Person View!

Nov 07, 2016 No Comments

Fourteen years ago, my original SkyCrawler design was published in Model Aviation. At that time, neither LiPo batteries nor brushless outrunner motors were available, and video cameras were still pretty big and bulky. As these technologies developed and a ordable versions became available, I decided to update my old SkyCrawler. With a name change and […]

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LET’S TALK GIANT SCALE — Tips for Light and Strong Aircraft Repairs

Nov 04, 2016 No Comments

Over the years, I’ve seen many giant-scale modelers suffer some sort of a failure that ended with a damaged aircraft. I have experienced a few situations myself. Recently, while flying my Hangar-9 30cc DHC-2 Beaver, I experienced a rough takeoff when a wheel collar loosened, causing the wheel to come off. The landing-gear leg hit […]

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ENGINE CLINIC — The After-run Oil Debate and More

Nov 02, 2016 No Comments

Do we really have to use after-run oil? I don’t really understand the problem here, but some seem to find this a major inconvenience. Read on. AFTER-RUN OIL? ✉ For almost 30 years, I have used Marvel Mystery Oil or Marvel Air Tool Oil as an after-run oil in my engines. To date, I have […]

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Tips & Tricks — Useful Hints for Modelers

Nov 01, 2016 No Comments

CLEAR GLUE TO THE RESCUE I enjoy flying indoor micro RC airplanes, but sometimes a hard landing causes the need for repairs. For models that have plastic struts and other fine attachment points, I have found that Bob Smith Industries’ Foam-Cure is an ideal repair adhesive. I squeeze out some glue on a notepad, use […]

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