Scale Aircraft Markings: Getting the Stars-n-Bars Right

Jan 20, 2017 No Comments by

If you are one of many modelers who acquired an ARF-type model of an American airplane, the chance that its star-and-bar markings is correct is about one in 10. It’s sad but true. Among models built by usually careful modelers and displayed at meets, like the Toledo Show and Joe Nall, the situation is somewhat […]

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GIANT SCALE TECH Tips — Fundamentals of Ganging Servos

Jan 18, 2017 No Comments by

On today’s giant-scale airplanes, it is a common sight to see multiple servos grouped together to command a single control surface. When you use multiple servos per surface, it is important to do it correctly. Mechanically, control horns should be positioned close to the centerline of the servo and with the linkage’s pivot point directly […]

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AEROBATICS MADE EASY — Fly the Inverted Circle in four Easy Steps

Jan 16, 2017 No Comments by

Most aerobatic figures contain multiple combinations of various individual maneuvers. Becoming an expert aerobatic pilot requires that you practice these individual elements before trying to conquer a more complex stunt, and one great individual maneuver to become proficient at is the “inverted circle.” Illustrations by FX Models Flying an aircraft upside down can be challenging at […]

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CUSTOM CORNER — Easy scale details for the Hangar 9 P-40B

Jan 13, 2017 No Comments by

Continuing with our simple camouflage color scheme change I used the Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk, which you can see in the “Before” photo. We now can add some detail work to the color scheme to make our conversion complete to the English version of this plane, the Tomahawk. We’ll add some new decals and panel lines to finish […]

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Fly Scale maneuvers — Do it Right!

Jan 12, 2017 No Comments by

    In competition aerobatics, we’re concerned only about the execution of the maneuver, period. For example, loops must be perfectly round and centered, and precision is the key to achieving the highest score. In scale competition, however, you have to execute a loop just like the full-size aircraft would have performed it. For example, […]

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TURN-AROUND MOVES : Changing Flight Direction with Style

Jan 12, 2017 No Comments by

When flying an aerobatic performance, you will need some type of turnaround maneuver to bring the aircraft back to center stage. Three of the better known ones are the stall turn, Immelmann and split-S. These three turnarounds can place the plane back in line with its prior altitude or allow the plane to exit at […]

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Jan 11, 2017 No Comments

Photos courtesy of The Sparked Team. The first interaction between the repairman and the flying lamp-shades. Flying machines dancing with Nicolas during their flight choreography. The film set. The film shoot took place in the Flying Machine Arena at ETH Zurich, a portable space dedicated to autonomous flight. IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING NOTICE of the […]

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LET’S TALK GIANT SCALE — Heavy-duty Scale Flaps

Jan 09, 2017 No Comments

Featured image: Built by Bruno Mary, this beautiful CARF-Models Spitfire features an extensive amount of scale detail. Building scale model aircraft takes a great amount of creativity, patience, and skill. With features like retractable landing gear, flaps and navigation lights, the detail possibilities are just about endless! My latest project is a CARF-Models Supermarine Spitfire, […]

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RC Aerobatic Setup Secrets — Making your airplane easier to fly!

Jan 06, 2017 No Comments

Featured image: Show with his 120cc-powered Hangar 9 Extra 300, Kevin Siemonsen is an expert aerobatic pilot with lots of experience. He learned from each mistake how to do it better. Here are some of his tips. It wasn’t that long ago that, when I got a new plane, I’d get it airborne as fast as […]

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FINAL APPROACH — Gene Gavin’s Pfalz E.II: The “Other” Eindecker

Jan 04, 2017 No Comments

  Featured Image: Gene Gavin shows off his unusual Pflaz E.II, which is similar but not the same as the infamous Fokker Eindecker. Photos by Sal Calvagna We are always on the lookout for airplanes that stand out on the flightline. When we find one, it is also a treat to learn that it is a […]

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