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Multiplex Blizzard Sportliner


Multiplex Blizzard Sportliner

Model SpecificationsWing Length: 55 in.

Wing Area: 301 sq. in.

Wing Loading: 12.4 oz/sq ft.

Fuselage Length: 36 in.

Weight (English): 26 oz.

Flight Characteristics: High Performance Sportliner

Target User: Advanced-Intermediate

Reccomended EquipmentMotor: 350 – 500 watt 36mm Outrunner

Speed Control: 37 – 55 amp

Propeller: 9 x 6

Battery: 3S 2500mAh LiPo

Servos: (4) HS-55 or (4) HS-5055MG

Reciever: Neutron 6

BlizzardThe Blizzard is a high-performance Sportliner model that pushes the envelope of the ELAPOR® technology. Built with the highest quality materials the Blizzard utilizes Glass Reinforced Plastic longerons and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic spars to give it the torsional rigidity needed for its high performance flight characteristics. When built with the recommended power pack the Blizzard has the power for vertical hand-launches, breath-taking high-speed passes and thanks to the thin 8.9% airfoil the Blizzard is no slouch when it comes to riding the thermals either. 


Builds as a Glider or a Power Plane 

Ultra-broad speed range

Low sink rate

Excellent glide angle

Landing aid – both ailerons raised

Pre-fabricated molded ELAPOR® parts

High-quality plastic components

Aileron servos connect automatically when the wings are attached to the fuselage

Kit includes supplementary “glider nose-cone” with aero-tow option

Option for second elevator servo for supplementary rudder function

Kit contents: Molded ELAPOR® parts, CFRP spars, GRP spar caps and longerons, all plastic parts required to assemble the model, small items, linkage components, decal sheet, detailed instructions.


Due Late August 2008



Updated: September 14, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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