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New .91 Glow Engine from Evolution

New .91 Glow Engine from Evolution

The new Evolution .91NX single-cylinder, 2-stroke glow engine is for modelers who demand the most from their engines. It provides the performance of a .91-size engine but in the case size of a .61 allowing you to enjoy a leap in power for smaller RC aircraft. The power of the .91NX engines makes it possible to add a higher level of performance and better vertical performance to your .61-, .75- or .91-size airplanes. 3D maneuvers are all about good power-to-weight ratios, and the .91NX has more punch.  If you want hot fast and low level warbird strafing runs,  look no furture in your search for bolt on speed. possible.

Evolution .91 Glow Engine

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:11 AM

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