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New DLE 60 Smooth Running Twin

New DLE 60 Smooth Running Twin

If you’re looking for smooth, consistent performance in a 60cc gas engine, this is it.  The DLE 60-Twin cylinder engine delivers has horizontally opposed cylinders to provide very smooth operation, while keeping weight low and producing the power your big bird needs.  Electronic ignition, spark plug and Pitts style mufflers are included.


Displacement: 61 cc (3.72 cu in)

Bore (pending confirmation): 1.42 in (36 mm)

Stroke (pending confirmation): 1.18 in (30 mm)


                Engine: 3.43 lb (1555 g)

                Muffler: 2.82 oz / 3.00 oz (80 g / 85 g)

                Ignition Module: 7.44 oz (211 g)

Total Weight: 4.37 lbs. (1.98 kg)

RPM Range: 1,400-8,500 RPM

Output: 5.5 hp @ 8,500 rpm

Requires: Unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propellers

Includes: Electronic ignition, mufflers (2), spark plugs (2) & engine standoffs

Available in late August.

DLEG0060            DLE-60cc Twin Gas Engine                            Retail: $599.99      Street: $549.99

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Updated: July 31, 2012 — 1:23 PM

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