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New JR Mini Servos Pack Plenty of Punch

New JR Mini Servos Pack Plenty of Punch

New JR Mini Servos Pack Plenty of Punch

With added performance generated by new HV motors, JR’s new high-voltage mini servos pack quite a punch. Based on the popular 3421 and 3517, they can be used unregulated whenever 2-cell Li-Po power is utilized. There are several options for using the 3711HV and 3717HV, including small aircraft, many sailplane configurations, even 500-size helis (3717HV). They are also suitable for many of the new jet offerings now available, especially EDF’s.

·         No need for a regulator since they are designed for high voltage (native 2S Li-Po operation)

·         High performance with excellent power versus size

·         Ideal accuracy and performance thanks to digital precision

JRPS3711HV      High Voltage Mini Servo
JRPS3717HV      High Voltage High Speed Mini Servo

Updated: April 13, 2011 — 9:50 AM
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