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On the Wrong Side of the Camera

On the Wrong Side of the Camera

I am by definition an editor and photographer! I am most comfortable on the back side of a camera looking through the lens. Well, my good buddies and ace RC event photographers Jim T. Graham  and MAN contributor, Jerry Smith took some of these unauthorized photos of me working the 2011 Joe Nall flightline! Here’s proof anyway that I do actually work when away from my desk!

thanks guys!

Thayer Syme trying to learn how to properly cover an event! :^)

Oh I bet Graham is mad at me for ruining his shot!

What a minute! I’m suppose to be interviewing you Bobby!

Yvonne D. and me next to the 20-foot Valkyrie project in the main hangar.

Video interviewing Bobby “Mouth of the South” Sadler.

Updated: May 26, 2011 — 5:22 PM
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