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On this Day in Aviation History November 9

On this Day in Aviation History November 9

1988: the U.S. Air Force publicly unveils the Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft.


1972: The world’s first geostationary communications satellite, Canada’s Anik-1 was launched from Florida. The project was a joint venture by Telesat Canada and the Hughes Aircraft Company.


1967: The Apollo 4 mission is launched. The mission was an unmanned Saturn V, at the time it was the largest launch vehicle ever to fly successfully.


1966: Lear Jet Corporation’s Model 24A receives FAA certification.


1950: During Task Force 77’s first attack on the Yalu River bridges, LCDR William T. Amen, Commander of the VF-111, while piloting a Grumman F9F from the USS Philippine Sea, shoots down a MIG and becomes first Navy pilot to shoot down a jet aircraft.



1946:  Joe Towle and Tony LeVier fly the enormous Lockheed R6O Constitution on its first flight.


1932: Wolfgang von Gronau and his crew fly a Dornier Do J Wal for 111 days to complete the first flight around the world by seaplane.


1904: Wilbur Wright flies for five minutes, four seconds over Huffman Prairie, Ohio, covering 2.75 miles.


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