The Radio Control Show Episode 175

Sep 07, 2012 No Comments

Don’t miss this week’s episode of The Radio Control Show where we get a sneak peak at the upcoming Freestyle Aerobatics DVD, take a look at a huge 87% RC airplane, get an in depth description of the new Top Flite F4U Corsair, and much more. See the full video in the player below:  

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US Air Meet Flightline

Sep 07, 2012 No Comments

    Model Airplane News is here in Sanford, Maine and we’ve set up camp just off the main flightline here at the US Air Meet. We shot some photos walking the large flightline and ran into some of our friends including Mike McConville, Matt Chapman and even the Guys from Warbirds over Delaware, Dave and [...]

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MAN Covers the Horizon Hobby Air Meet

Sep 05, 2012 3 Comments

Join the Model Airplane News crew this weekend as we get the inside scoop on this brand-new RC event! Held at the Sanford Sea Coast Regional Airport in Sanford, Maine, the Air Meet will be one of the most exciting RC experiences of the year, with noon demo shows by pro pilots as well as open jet and helicopter flying, [...]

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Update! Human-powered heli breaks ground effect

Sep 05, 2012 12 Comments

When we last reported on the University of Maryland students and their impressive Gamera II machine, they had only managed to get few feet off the ground. In this latest video, Gamera II gains 8 feet in altitude using just its pedaling passenger for power! Here’s the scoop, as reported by Claudine Zap of Yahoo’s [...]

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The Radio Control Show Episode 174

Aug 31, 2012 1 Comment

This week’s episode of The Radio Control Show highlights a giant 60% sea plane from the Joe Nall event, UAV technologies, tips and tricks, and much more. See the full video in the player below:

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Fantastic F-84 ‘Flash

Aug 29, 2012 10 Comments

This 9-foot-long F-84F Thunderflash is Brian O’Meara’s latest creation, and it’s the only RC model F-84F flying in the world! Brian spent two years building the jet from a made-to-order Phantasy in Blue kit from the Netherlands and modeled it after Foto Fanny, a photo-reconn aircraft that had six cameras in its nose. The model is powered by [...]

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How to run a great event

Aug 28, 2012 No Comments

We asked different people at the IMAC Scale Aerobatics & Freestyle Challenge what makes this contest such a great event to attend.  In only its third year it has become one of the largest attended IMAC competitions in the country.  This event is held at the Prado airfield in Chino, CA every year in May [...]

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The Radio Control Show Episode 173

Aug 24, 2012 2 Comments

Check out a 1/5-scale Airworld kit British Aerospace BAE Systems Hawk, get an amazing tip on securing servos to your foam wings, plus ROAR super nationals footage, and much more. Watch the full episode in the player below:

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