Futuristic RC Jet Takes Flight

Apr 08, 2015 15 Comments

Bet you can’t name this plane! That’s because it’s a sport design by Eric Rantet, a “combination of Star Wars, Flash Gordon, the 1950s first jets and Gee Bee racers.” This 8-foot-span beauty built and flown by Phil Noel is powered by a Kingtech K210 turbine and, as you can see from the footage captured [...]

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RC Giant Scale – Nick Ziroli’s New Triplane

Apr 07, 2015 2 Comments

Known for his many great flying, giant scale WW2 warbird designs, Nick Ziroli Sr., has been finishing up his newest set of plans, this one for the WW1 Sopwith Triplane. This sport scale design has a sport airfoil for improved flight performance and is not intended for scale competition. Using his signature traditional balsa and [...]

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Tipsy S2 — An electric sport scale vintage airplane you can build

Apr 07, 2015 No Comments

Designer Dennis Sumner has build several excellent flying model and his newest is the Tipsy S2, plans now available at the AirAgeStore website. Featured in the July 2015 issue of Electric Flight, the construction plans are at: http://www.airagestore.com/tipsy-s2.html Here’s Dennis’ take on this attractive vintage flyer. Scale and unique airplanes always appeal to me and [...]

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Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee — Grumman Hellcat

Apr 06, 2015 1 Comment

Shaun Roblee of Huntington Beach California, will be traveling to Top Gun this year with his impressive Grumman Hellcat. Using a fiberglass fuselage and built up wing and tail featuers, Shaun says he chose the Ziroli Hellcat because he just loves the way they fly. As for a full scale project, I wanted to do the big [...]

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RC Workshop Build-Along — Sopwith Camel — Part 23– Painting

Apr 06, 2015 2 Comments

We are nearing the end of this year long project and are now at the stage where we add the color paint coat. Following the Poly Brush Sealer coats, which are applied with brush, all the future paint coats are sprayed on. I use a HVLP (High volume, low pressure) paint gun as it produces [...]

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HobbyKing Mini B-17 Bomber

Apr 03, 2015 No Comments

With a 29-inch wingspan, this baby bomber is everything we dreamed about when we were building static models as kids: a multi-engine model that can actually fly! This one comes ready to bind to your compatible radio, so you’ll be flying missions in no time. Here’s the full press release from Hobby King: The Boeing [...]

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Road to Top Gun: Fernando Caveira’s P-47 Thunderbolt

Apr 01, 2015 6 Comments

Check out Brazilian competitor Fernando Caveira’s Meister P-47! He spent over 1,100 hours building this warbird, and he powers it with a Moki 180cc gas engine. Fernando is getting his model ready for the journey to Lakeland, Florida, which will take close to 3 weeks and uses a custom-made shipping crate. We can’t wait to [...]

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Scale RC – Wonderful WACO YMF-5

Apr 01, 2015 23 Comments

This gorgeous 1/3-scale WACO is the handiwork of Pedro Sanchez, who bought the bare bones airframe from a friend and then spent his time doing what he really loves: finishing it and adding scale details. Every rivet and screw on the plane has been done by hand, and the plane has landing lights, scale flying [...]

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