How To Install Hinges

Jul 15, 2015 5 Comments

From the workshop of MAN editor Gerry Yarrish, this How To Video demonstrates installing flat Du-Bro control hinges in your RC airplane. With more that 85,000 views, this video is a must watch for anyone who wants to start building his or her own RC airplanes from a kit of from plans. These techniques can also [...]

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Warbirds over Delaware Flightline Highlights & Videos

Jul 13, 2015 1 Comment

The MAN Team had a great time last weekend at the Warbirds over Delaware meet. We chatted and checked out new aircraft with our flying buddies, and even made some new friends on the flightline. The WOD event is an amazing experience and the Delaware RC Club does an super job putting this extravaganza together. From WW1 dogfighters, to [...]

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Master-class FW 190 Butcher Bird — Sneak Peek

Jul 09, 2015 12 Comments

MAN always seeks out the best scale models to share with its readers and this one has a track record that’s hard not to be impressed with. Few RC models can design, build, paint and finishe a classic WW2 fighter and then bring it to national contests and win the Best-in-Show award. That’s what Jeffery Fiscus Bridgeport, WV [...]

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MAN at Warbirds over Delaware

Jul 09, 2015 No Comments

If you are planning to attend the Granddaddy of all RC warbird events this weekend, be sure to stop by the tent and say hi! MAN will represent this weekend and will be flying the Sopwith Camel as part of the WW1 Gaggle! It looks like it will be a good weekend and we look [...]

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Stall & Spin Recovery Tips

Jul 08, 2015 7 Comments

The stall, or more accurately the inadvertent stall, has probably caused more RC planes to crash than any other cause. The safety of your airplane depends on your knowledge of its slow-speed handling and stall characteristics. To minimize the number of crashes due to stalls, the pilot must understand the principles of what makes a [...]

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Zipp Kits Report – Riot Planes “Gym Jets”

Jul 07, 2015 No Comments

Recently, I stopped to see my old friend Joe Petro’s, booth while attending the 2015 Toledo Show. He had two new offerings, both easy to assemble, semi-profile foam board jets. The F-22 has a 16.75 inch wing span and the F-18 has a 17.75 inch span. Both are 24-inches long and the motors are mounted mid wing as a [...]

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Budget building: how to edge-glue balsa

Jul 07, 2015 8 Comments

At some point in your model-building career, you will be faced with a problem.  You will have an area of your model that requires a sheet of balsa wider than the material you have on hand.  If you are like me, this usually happens when you are starting to make significant progress and when the [...]

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Super-Size Bipes!

Jul 02, 2015 37 Comments

This pair of impressive biplanes put on quite a show at the North Weald Airfield in Essex last weekend! The 55% Stearman is powered by a Valach 800cc 7-cylinder radial, and the 85% Pitts is powered by a Hirth gas engine turning a 69-inch, 3-blade prop. This must-watch video is an incredible show (although our nerves could [...]

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