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Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer 1620mm (64″) Wingspan (ARF)

Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer 1620mm (64″) Wingspan (ARF)

piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-66-wingspan-arf piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-68-wingspan-arf piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-69-wingspan-arf

From HobbyKing:

The Piper Aircraft company was made famous with the venerable Piper cub and grasshopper. Nearly every RC flyer has crossed paths with a Cub at some point as they are easy to fly and mainstay trainer at most RC flying clubs.

After WW2, the Piper Aircraft company designed a new plane with a spacious cabin and impressive speed (for its day) adding a nose wheel to overcome limited forward visibility and to make it easier for ground handling and safer flying, the Piper PA-22 Tri-pacer was born.

Now you too can have a unique high wing designed traditionally built balsa and light plywood constructed Piper. With a wingspan of 63″ and a stunning red and white color scheme the Pacer will be a stand out at the field.

Flying the Piper Tri-pacer is a delight with light wing loading and with the ability to perform as a trainer or when pushing the envelope will easily handle big loops, rolls, stalls and spins. The tricycle undercarriage improves ground handling and will make your take off and landings look like you’re a seasoned professional

This ARF kit is a traditional balsa and light ply construction, superbly covered and all related hardware is included. Combining the Tri-pacer ARF kit with your selection of engine or electric brushless outrunner motor and your choice of electronics will complete this model and satisfy the most scale fanatics.


  • Classic Piper Aircraft high wing design
  • Traditional construction balsa and ply ARF
  • Striking colour scheme
  • Professionally covered
  • Fibreglass cowl
  • Tricycle undercarriage
  • Scale details
  • All hardware included


Wingspan: 1620mm (64″)
Length: 1210mm (48″)


  • ARF Piper Tri-pacer kit
  • All related hardware
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Required:
  • Your choice of engine or equivalent electric brushless outrunner motor
  • Minimum five channel Transmitter and receiver
  • Batteries and selected electronics
  • Glues and relevant building tools
  • Experience with Balsa and ply constructed almost ready to fly model kits

#341000076-0 – $170.14
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piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-67-wingspan-arf piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-65-wingspan-arf piper-pa-22-tri-pacer-1620mm-64-wingspan-arf

Updated: January 5, 2017 — 12:15 AM
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