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Race Day in 1-minute and 22-seconds

Race Day in 1-minute and 22-seconds

Sunday I got to fly around a few pylons with other guys at the Whittier Pylon Race.  I completed in the Electric EF1 class and there was also a quickie 500 class running that day.   The camera was set to take a photo every 5 second and this created a movie that is only 1:22 long for the entire day.  Enjoy


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Updated: March 13, 2012 — 11:24 AM
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  1. makes me dizzy! :^)

  2. Love it John, thanks for promoting pylon racing.

  3. Thanks Time,
    Racing is where it is at! All fun and some crashes, how could you not like that.

  4. Thats gotta be the most irritating video i’ve ever seen.

    1. I’m with Larry … 1:22 I’ll never get back.

  5. ouch!! You guys are cutting me deep here. At least it was only 1:22 🙂

  6. Terrible presentation, not enough pictures of the dude checking wind speed . What were you thinking ?

  7. Actually Mike, that was a palm radar gun, I was tracking the speed of the racers on the course. I was thinking about racing and had a camera on my head that took a photo every 5-second. Next time I will set it for every second and make it a much smoother transition.

  8. You are so creative. Keep ’em coming.

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