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RCX Update: Photos & Highlights! Record Attendance!

RCX Update: Photos & Highlights! Record Attendance!

RCX Long Beach is full of thousands of excited RC enthusiasts who are enjoying electric atmosphere created by indoor fly zones, multiple try-me tracks, celebrity appearances, and all of the hottest RC products under one roof. Today’s Sunday show is on fire again. Not only can consumers see and drive the latest hot products and vehicles, but they are also purchasing RC planes and helicopters directly at the show! Long lines at the Try Me Tracks, smiling faces and eye-popping vehicle demos are part of the action.


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Updated: April 29, 2012 — 5:55 PM
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  1. Were there any aircraft at the RCX show? If there were you’d never know it from the 147 pixs in your highlights album. I thought this was Model AIRPLANE News!

    1. Check out our photos from the Scale Squadron’s Battle of the Builders! We’ll also be posting some video interviews from plane exhibitors at the show.

  2. looks like a great show! Wish I was there!

  3. 22717 – There was a great demo flight area. 3D flying was fantasic!! Lot of booths for aircraft. Sad there are so few pics.

  4. I’m really bumed that none of the airplanes are shown in your photos. There were some very nice displays, stadic shows as well as demos.

    1. See our Scale Squadron post with all the static display planes!

      1. There are a lot more posts and videos on the Model Airplane News RCX page:

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