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Red Flag: Jet Flight Competition

Red Flag: Jet Flight Competition

Here’s a quick preview of what our MAN-on-the scene, Rich Uravitch, saw at the Red Flag portion of the Florida Jets Week. Emphasis was on precision, freestyle and formation jet aerobatics in four different categories of competition. These pictures show Quique Somenzini and Silvestri Sebastiano in their solo routines with Team Viper (Mike Adams and Ken McSpadden) and Team Germany (Marc Petrak and Stefan Wurm) dazzling us with their choreographed precision flying. Tale a close look at the photo of Marc and Stefan’s L-39s … BOTH airplanes are in the shot! Full coverage of Jet Week in an upcoming issue of MAN!





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Updated: March 16, 2016 — 2:19 PM

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  1. Hey, tell your “MAN on the Scene” guy to get it right! Marc Petrak teamed up with Matthias Hocke, not Stefan Wurm, in the Team competition. Probably just a slip of the keyboard, right?

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