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Road to Top Gun — B-2 Condor Bomber

Road to Top Gun — B-2 Condor Bomber

Another great entry for the Road to Top Gun, this time, we heard from our good friend Curtis Switzer from Port St. John, FL., who will be flying his 168-inch span, 100-inch long B-2 Bomber in the Pro-Am Propeller class. Weighing 45lbs., the big Curtiss biplane is powered by two Saito 180 4-strokes turning 16×8 3-bladed Falcon props.


The spinners are from Tru-Turn Spinners. Curtis uses a Jeti DS-16 radio and 3 2200mAh LiFE batteries, and McDaniels On board ignition systems for the engines. He is using engine telemetry and a functional bomb drop. The B-2 is painted with DuPont automotive paint over Sig Koverall fabric.


The impressive plane was built by his great friend Tom Czenthe and himself over a six month span, which they finished and test flew a week before Top Gun 2010. Curtis was fortunate enough to win Pro-AM Sport class in 2010 and Pro-Am Pro class in 2011.


Curtis decided to rebuilt the B-2 for this year’s Top Gun and dedicate it to Tom who has since passed away. It is truly a great flying airplane and Curtis look forward to flying it again this year.

Updated: March 24, 2016 — 2:58 PM
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