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Road to Top Gun: Brian O’Meara’s “Sleepy Jean”

Road to Top Gun: Brian O’Meara’s “Sleepy Jean”

Brian O’Meara has been practicing for his return to Pro Am Pro with his monstrous 1/3-scale P-47, and Tony Quist’s photo shows just how large this airplane is! This Thunderbolt has a 144-inch span and is powered by a ZDZ 420cc 4-cylinder engine spinning a Bold 38×13 prop. The bombs are 7 inches in diameter!

Updated: April 20, 2015 — 10:12 AM
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  1. Great flying giant, super scale representation of the P47. Great job Brian!

  2. I think you meant ‘monster’ rather than ‘monstrous’ – very different meanings.

  3. I have seen this plane fly at The Warbirds Over The Rockies event. Flys nice and is really impressive!

  4. I’ve seen it fly several times. Awesome. Have a great time at Top Gun. Glen M

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