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Spektrum AR6250 DSM2 6-Channel Carbon Fuse Rx



Spektrum’s full range AR6250 DSM2 6-channel receiver is designed for carbon fiber fuselage installations.  Carbon fiber can create an RF sheilding effect that can significantly reduce radio range when using conventional receivers and antennas.  The AR6250 features an antenna design that overcomes RF issues in these critical environments.


Key Features

  • DSM2™ technology
  • Compact lightweight design ideal for narrow fuselages such as sailplanes
  • Feeder antennas offer superior RF coverage mounted on the outside of the fuselage
  • Preset failsafe system optimized for sailplane applications
  • QuickConnect™ with brownout detection
  • Red LED inidicates the number of holds (failsafes)

AR6250 DSM2 6-Channel Carbon Fuse Rx [SPMAR6250]
Retail Price: $104.99
Available For*: $79.99
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Hobbico HR instant FPV party V2 600x120
Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:28 PM

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