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Synchronized Aerobatics Video

Synchronized Aerobatics Video

What’s more exciting than aerobatics, complete with wingtip smoke? Adding another aircraft, of course! Father and son team Andi and Tim Schaerer perform precision aerobatics with large Fox S1 Swift gliders in Red Bull colors. Tow pilot Thomas Hoffmann gets the gliders to altitude, and then the team puts on a fantastic show. Our thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this video at the Swiss Flugtag at Hausen am Albis and posting it on YouTube. It’s worth noting that both Shaerers are championship pilots in their own right, and their team performance is truly mesmerizing.

Updated: July 23, 2015 — 10:00 AM
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  1. Now this is an RC flight video that even non-RC enthusiasts can watch and enjoy. Just incrediblely well done,

  2. GREAT Job and my I say not an easy thing to do . GREAT

  3. Very relaxing, awesome flying!

  4. Great show!

  5. very well done

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