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fuel systems

Make sure to use zip ties on all fuel lines for maximum safety

Let’s Talk Fuel Lines!

On all of my nitro and gasoline-powered airplanes, I use zip ties to secure my fuel lines going from the fuel tank to both the carburetor and the muffler. When routing lines within your airplane, make sure that they can move freely and are not bent in any odd fashion. After all, you need to […]
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RotoFlow Fuel Systems — No Maintenance Required

RotoFlow Fuel Systems — No Maintenance Required

RC Fuel Tanks haven’t changed in decades and we all deal with the same old problems of leaks and misplaced clunks after a hard landing! On the market now for a couple of years, the RotoFlow Fuel system from JL power Products is truly revolutionary with its internal “clunkless” design. I have have one installed […]
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