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Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Recently we reviewed the new Carbon-Z Cun from E-flite and we really put it through its paces. Contributor and ace test pilot Kevin Siemonsen flew the Cub out of our tight test field with its flaps and big tundra tires, and even flew the plane inverted to explore its true aerobatic performance envelop. Kevin then swapped the wheel out for E-flite floats and took the Cub to the local Lake Candlewood in New Milford, CT. Flying off the docks at Lynne Demming Park, Kevin really set the tone for true bush pilot flying. Check out these behind the scenes photos that did not make it into our upcoming review in the March 2014 issue of Electric Flight. Photos by Peter Hall

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

The photo shoot took place early in the morning on a Saturday and the fog had yet to lift! Pretty cool backdrop with low angle sunlight!

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats
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This is an awesome flying plane. Plenty of power, flaps, and even molded plastic VG (Vortex Generators) on the wings. Helping you at the sticks is the amazing AS3X flight stabilization system built into the included Spektrum™ AR635 receiver, which makes it possible for you to experience agility far beyond the classic Cub form, while at the same time providing stability better than the original with control that’s always natural feeling no matter how you like to fly.

Behinds the Scenes with the E-flite Carbon-Z Cub on Floats

But to really get exciting performance from any test plane you have to have a talented test pilot, and Kevin is that in spades! Watch for a detailed Flight Report coming soon!


Updated: July 29, 2015 — 10:45 AM
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  1. I remember this model, just like I have ,some 30 yrs ago….a design by late HaleBolt supercuB during th single channel era…a nice stable flyer….LOw..& …slOw… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yprOAhPGs8

  2. Really guys, no video?

    1. Soon James! Our video guy is on vacation! Soon though! It’s a blast!

  3. AS3X in a Cub? Especialy one that big! Why?

    1. Why not? Especially when the added stability does not affect aerobatic performance and response. It’s sort’a like saying why RC! :^)

  4. Hay the old real Cubs were stick and rudder, and flew great, so why put electronic in modern Cubs!…come on, any new improvements takes you closer to the next new devices in aircraft, RC or otherwise! But I guess am bias because I worked on the most advanced aircraft built in the US Air Force and those advancements would have never been there if we didn’t go there!

  5. Just a little late. There were already two flying at my club this past Sunday. Nice plane.

    1. Jason, this was posted first on October 14. it took a while to get our video edited and then repost the page. So it’s pretty timely. we agree, a nice plane indeed.

  6. Using the latest technology is great for us old timers and new guys. We’re not all “hot shots”. If you want to be called a hot shot, OK your a “Hot Shot”

  7. Very nice plane indeed, but for the price I just can’t get into foamies…

  8. Same here, almost $400 for the plane and another $100+ for a couple of batteries, too much for me. Great idea for a plane though.

  9. Great looking plane, but can’t buy it anywhere. I have been waiting for two months to get one and know body has any in stock. Wish I where a test pilot.

  10. What is with all of those negative remarks and self-centered attitudes that I am reading in most of these 12 Responses? Gerry, your video and reporting on this great looking and flying larger than usual CarbonZ Cub E-flite is excellent! I have one on order, through my local Hobby Shop, and will be flying it at the field very soon. I find that negative and critical people are usually the broke and
    incompetent ones. $500.00 for the performance this electric gives you is only a two week budget for the booze and smoker group. They could buy two of these wonderful airplanes if they laid off for only one month. Said, by an ex-drinker/smoker.

  11. very cool!!!!!! i little pricey but not to bad

    i would be awesome as a balsa!!!!

  12. Built of Balsa with all the included electronics it would not be $350. Just finished putting mine together and it was a pure joy. Hell of a nice foam beater plane for the money. Great practice plane for a “hot shot” or equally a good as a second plane trainer.

  13. I tried my Carbon Z with floats yesterday. The Plane flew great and landed well. Third flight up the rear wire came out of the fuselage. Very tricky to land. Anyone have any easy fixes for this? I do not want to cut the foam and glue in hard points for scews.

  14. Great review of your Carbon Z Cub. I have had one for a year and have not flown it yet.Still reading up on it to improve the structure and performance.I used scotch wrapping tape and wrapped the entire plane neatly especially the wings. It not only looks better but it is more durable.Don’t have to worry about the paint peeling which is a problem with this plane. I have done this with my other foam planes and they fly better and easier to wipe off. Gerry are your setting the same as those in the manual or did you have to make some changes?

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