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  1. Why is Model Airplane News Video Show always greyed out and locked up when I click on the link in the newsletter to it? If chop off everything after “campaign” in the URL it will display, but frequently stops and starts? I have enough speed in the I-net to view other videos. What gives here?

  2. Too much information on things I am not interest in. Not able to speed thru the video by dragging along the bottom. Result, I just delete the whole damn thing!

    1. If you watch it on the actual post (click on the link in blue underneath the Electric Flight logo at the very top of the page), you’ll be able to speed through the sections that aren’t of interest to you. Hope this helps!

  3. In the tips section about gasoline engine carbs, something very important was left out. More often than finding the inlet screen clogged, I find that the regulator diaphragm has gotten stiff and needs replaced. You’ve got the diaphragm in the carb kit; I recommend changing it and the fuel pump diaphragm as well. Note that the regulator diaphragm is installed ON TOP of the gasket, and the fuel pump diaphragm is installed UNDER the gasket next to the carb.

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