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The thrill of the maiden flights

I thought I was all set for the maiden flight of my scratch built 80″ Gas Contender
back on the Canada Day weekend but I was having engine issues that evently turned out
to be a spark-plug cap not snugged down tight.  – Yesterday was very gustly hot &
humid.  Ok I’ll just take her out for a run up and maybe some taxi tests.  The model
started rolling nicely – I was busy with steering keeping thing straight – Then the
model lifted off – I saw air under the wheels – Go for it – I throttled up a bit more and
the model climbed out oh so nicely.  After 4-5 circuits of the field I adjusted the trims.
4 clicks of up was all that was needed to fly hands off.  My hands were shaking and I
told myself to relax.  After 10-15 laps I decided best land – I throttled back turning on
final and only had to blip the throttle a couple time to get her down exactly where I
wanted.  I taxied back and noticed the tall gear flexes a bit and may need beefing up.
I put the model in the shade for the rest of the afternoon and then celebrated with a cold
one at the club house.  It took me about 9 months for this project and after seeing it fly
has left a smile on my face that just won’t go away!

This is what 9 months of love looks like

PS: I will be working the Zone G event next weekend and will bring my Gas Contender for sure

Updated: January 26, 2012 — 1:25 PM
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