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Top Gun — A Pair of Zeros from Japan!

Top Gun — A Pair of Zeros from Japan!

So there are plenty of Zeros flying in scale competition, but few are 1/3-scale, and even fewer are competing at Top Gun and having traveled all the way from the country of Japan. And not only that, but there are two monstrous Rising Sun fighters in the Top Gun lineup.



(Above) Built by Owia Masakazu of Tokyo, his Type 21 is an Early model fighter (no visible exhaust pipes,) and has a 137 inch span and is powered by a Moki 250 radial engine.



(Above) Type 21 on final approach.



(Above) The other (Green) Zero is a later model, Type 52, and it was built by Imai Takshi of Yao-City Osaka. His Zero has a 131 inch span and also has a Moki 250 in the nose. Both weigh in at 55 pounds.




Yes this Type 21 Zero is huge! As can be seen with Exec. Editor Debra Cleghorn showing off her wing walking style!





Updated: May 6, 2014 — 11:36 AM
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  1. Couple of beauties in my book. -gb

  2. Absolutely beautiful. They did an awesome job.

  3. Those are some beautiful machines. Well done to the builders.

  4. How come there isn’t any video?

    1. Video is being edited … stay tuned!

  5. Well Done, Beautiful scale details of both models and the paint was excellent.

  6. congrats to the modelers awesome war bird

  7. I also love Scale. Have built zirolli Skyraider, the Top Flight Corsair (both). Had to sell
    Due to ALS.
    Now , retired Mil. 77, and hanging in.
    Spent 3 yrs. in Japan in 50’s, Great Kits. Built control line C119.
    Thanks Brian @. bmarsenault@roadrunner.com

  8. I have seen them in the tent at Top Gun 2014 and they are absolutely stunning. I have built a 1/4 Meister Zero myself and know the detailing all to well. These two Zeroes are my favorite at the show!

  9. They both look fantastic I want one.


  11. But I count 3 planes here, with the tail numbers AI-102, 653-223, and 2-163, respectively.
    What is the story behind 2-163 ?

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