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Top Gun Winners and Placers — Pro-Am Propeller Class

Top Gun Winners and Placers — Pro-Am Propeller Class

We continue with our Top Gun coverage of the winners for the 2017 Scale Invitational competition. In our coverage coming soon in the September issue of MAN, you can look forward to an amazing 24 pages of Top Gun planes, pilots and action! Now to the Pro-Am Propellers class.

And the winners are…

1st. Place, Will Berninger, T-34C


2nd. Place, Franco DiMauro2nd.

3rd. Place Eduardo Esteves


4th. Place David James, SPAD VII


5th. Place, Sean Curry, Hawker tempest Mk. 5


6th. Place Curtis Switzer, Curtiss B-2 Bomber


7th. Place, John Welcome, P-51D Mustang


8th. Place, P.J. Ash, MiG-3


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