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Top Gun Winners and Placers — Pro-Am Sportsman

Top Gun Winners and Placers — Pro-Am Sportsman

With more great photos of Top Gun pilots and their planes, here are the Winners and Placers from the Pro-Am Sportsman class. By far the most popular class of competition at Top Gun, this year there were 57 registered pilots in the Sportsman class.

Photos by Barry Vaught and David Hart.

And the winners are…

1st. Place, Jose Melendez, Hawker Hunter


2nd. Place, Tim Len, A-4 Skyhawk


3rd. Place, Chad Cotsmire, P-47N Thunderbolt


4th. Place Jimmy Safie, F-16

4th.Jimmy Safie f16

5th. Place, Jimmy Davis, Stearman PT-17


6th. Place Marvin Alvarez, F-15 Eagle


7th. Place, Brandon Gell, L-39 Albatros


8th. Place, Salvador Becherano, T-33


9th. Place, Lou Cetrangelo, FG-1D Corsair


10th. Place Mike Hague, T-6 Texan


Updated: June 8, 2017 — 10:35 AM
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