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Venom Li-Power LiPo Flight Packs

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Venom’s latest releases in our Li-Power line-up of Lithium Polymer battery packs. When you’re looking for true power and performance look no further than our Li-Power LiPO batteries to power many applications. All our packs feature a JST HX 2.5 balance plug and silicone covered main power wires. Push it to the limit with Venom Li-Power Series LiPO packs!

VEN-15002 Venom™ 20C 430mah 7.4v 2-cell LiPO Battery w/JST Plug $24.99

VEN-15003 Venom™ 20C 2100mah 11.1v 3-Cell LiPO Battery w/JST Plug $32.99

VEN-15005 Venom™ 13C 1320mah 7.4v 2-cell LiPO Battery w/JST Plug $37.99

VEN-15006 Venom™ 13C 1320mah 11.1v 3-cell LiPO Battery w/JST Plug $54.99

VEN-15007 Venom™ 20C 1320mah 11.1v 3-cell LiPO Battery w/EC3 Plug $139.99

VEN-15013 Venom™ 30C 3200mah 14.8v 4-Cell LiPO Battery $239.99

VEN-15014 Venom™ 30C 3200mah 18.5v 5-Cell LiPO Battery $289.99

VEN-15015 Venom™ 30C 3200mah 22.2v 6-Cell LiPO Battery $349.99

VEN-15016 Venom™ 25C 3600mah 14.8v 4-Cell LiPO Battery $259.99

VEN-15017 Venom™ 25C 3600mah 18.5v 5-Cell LiPO Battery $299.99

VEN-15018 Venom™ 25C 3600mah 22.2v 6-Cell LiPO Battery $379.99

VEN-15019 Venom™ 25C 5000mah 14.8v 4-Cell LiPO Battery $299.99

VEN-15020 Venom™ 25C 5000mah 18.5v 5-Cell LiPO Battery $389.99

VEN-15021 Venom™ 25C 5000mah 22.2v 6-Cell LiPO Battery $479.99

* Note: Retail Prices are for US Customers Only

Venom products can be found at hobby shops throughout the U.S. and over forty-five countries worldwide. For more information, visit Venom online at: www.venom-group.com.

For more information contact Venom directly at 800-705-0620 or email us at sales@venom-group.com.

Updated: April 24, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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