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Video Workshop Tip — Installing Du-Bro Hinges

Video Workshop Tip — Installing Du-Bro Hinges

Perhaps the most important technique any RC modeler needs to learn is to properly install hinges for his model’s control surfaces. They need to be strong, in proper alignment, and sized correctly for the model being worked on. The crew over at Du-Bro Products has lots of good tools and supplies to get the job done quickly and properly every time.

The Hinge Slotter tool set is easy to use and designed to produce the properly sized hinge slots without any effort at all. Check out the video and watch how easy it really is to install the hinges in your RC airplane.


The Hinge Slotter Tool Set comes with everything you need.


The materials used in the tool set are high quality and will last a long time.

Updated: October 29, 2015 — 10:36 AM
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  1. I don’t like using CA for plastic pinned hinges, I always use epoxy. CA doesn’t seem to bind well to plastic. Recently I bought a second hand Thunder Tiger Cub from a club member. It checked out just fine, but crashed on its second flight in my hands, apparently because the elevator hinges came out in flight. When I recovered the wreckage, I found ALL the control surfaces had come away from their hinges, but there was NO damage to the wood slots. The glue joints failed. It was old CA – held fine when I manipulated the surfaces by hand but how often do we give a strong yank to our surfaces?

  2. I have used these tools which easyly get distorted and break.

  3. I have found the best glue for putting in these types of hinges is Gorilla Glue. Just a little on both sides of the edges and when you push it in the glue spreads it’s self out and fills in any gaps and you can’t pull them out. I have used it on a 42% Super Decathlon and on indoor flyers and everything in between and have yet to have a failure.

    1. Yes, Gorilla Glue is something I have just recently started using. Just have to be careful about the amount of expansion, which can sometimes be surprising.

  4. I too have a set of these tools (on my second set actually) and the cutter tools easily become bent and distorted – though have not broken yet. I only assemble 40 size balsa plane kits.

  5. That’s the hard way use a slot machine fast neat and straight!

  6. This is a tip from almost 40 years ago anjd is 100% reliable. It worked great for both strip-style and actual hinges.
    After installing any hinge and verifying the alignment, I drilled very small holes through the wing’s trailing edge and the control surfaces leading edge and pinned with a toothpick. This installation is often the only thing to survive a crash.

  7. I always cover first THEN hinge. And always seal your hinge gap with either the hinge tape, or a narrow strip of monokote

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