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Winners Toledo 2011 Static Competition

Winners Toledo 2011 Static Competition

Winners Toledo 2011 Static Competition

Military Sport Scale

1. Frank Shirley  SNJ-5

2. Gary Price  P-47D

3. Steve Eagle  Nieuport 17

Non-Military Sport Scale

1. Keith Shaw  Yak UT-1

2. Allen MRock  Sikorsky S-39


3. Malcom Gray  Comber Swift


Old-Timer RC

1. Lawrence Latowski  Nomad

2. Stuart Warner  Miss Nomer

3. Tom Ryan Pacer


1. Andrew Latowski  Towliner

2. Jerry Sharp  Aquila Grande

3. Dave Platt  Sagitta 900

Sport Plane

1. Nicholas Carrozza  Cobra 400

2. Dan Grotzinger  VK Navajo

3. Charles Chomos  Skylane 62

Vintage Plane

1. Terry Conley  Piper Tri-pacer

2. Dan Grotzinger    FW-190D

3. Bob Noll  Falcon 56

Aerobatic Plane

1. John DeYoung 44% Scale Ultimate

2. Mark Boguszewski  Extra 260

3. Jason Miracle  Aerotech Slick 540

Designer Scale Plane

1. Graeme Mears   Super Cub

2. Bill Setzler  Fokker Eindecker

3. Jim Beavers  Junker Ju-52-3M


1. Jim Ryan  Lockheed AH-56

2. A.J. Jaffe  AH 64

3. Tim Rush  Huey


1. Blair Howkins  BAe Hawk

2. Curtis Wade  F-18F

3. Chris Tucker  F-16

Best Finish (Film)

Mark Boguszewski  Extra 260

Best Finish (Paint)

John DeYoung  44% Scale Ultimate


Extra Pix


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