Hobbico TF8 900x250
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  1. Nice video, Gerry. I forgot I have one of those Robart drilling jigs. Nice finishing touch with the Dremel drum sander.

  2. I use 30 minute epoxy to glue my robart hinges in. Had not thought about rc 560

  3. I never considered canopy glue for installing hinges??
    I always use 30 min epoxy and protect the hinge knuckle by first dipping it in melted Vaseline.

  4. I prefer proper laminating epoxy mixed with milled cotton fibres. 1 hour working time 24 hour cure. With the long cure time it allows the surroundi ng timber ti me to soak up and harden around the hi nge unlike 30 minute barrel scrapings.

  5. In my better than 50yrs. modeling experience, I’ve always had great and reliable results using aliphatics, i.e. Titebond waterproof aliphatic. These glues swell the wood fibers around the hinge, completely locking the hinge in place. Also, I don’t use the drill guide. Too time consuming, and too easy to drill off center. Instead, use a sharpened #1 (or #2) phillips head screwdriver to drill the hole for the hinge. This is easily done by piercing the wood with the sharpened point of the screwdriver and twisting as inserting. Simple, easy and always reliable results. Another plus is that the aliphatic can be easily picked out of the hinge once cured.

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