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World Jet Masters

World Jet Masters

The 9th annual World Jet Masters is coming to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Dayton, Ohio, next week, and I can’t wait to get there! Pilots from 50 countries will be competing, bringing some of the most realistic turbine-powered RC jets together for nearly two weeks of flying. For more information and directions, click here to go to the official website. A bonus is being able to visit the museum, which showcases more than 470 aircraft and items from aviation history. Am I lucky or what? Our live coverage will start August 3*, as we arrive to get video, interviews and photos of these world-class planes and pilots. (*Yes, I did propose that I spend two weeks in Dayton, but apparently some people think I need to be in the office to ship magazines. Sigh.)

Updated: July 21, 2011 — 10:53 AM
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  1. 2 Weeks?! Oh man! What would we do without you for that long a time? Have fun Deb.

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