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Wowplanes Hawker Typhoon




1/8 Scale Hawker Typhoon

Wowplanes has introduced a builder’s kit for a 1/8 scale Hawker Typhoon.

62.5” wingspan, WWll RAF fighter/bomber . Can be electric or glow powered.


Kit includes 10 pre-shaped foam parts. Also included is a clear canopy, cowl, and wheel well liners. Everything that cannot be purchased at a hobby shop or made easily is included. Can be fitted with optional flaps, and lights. Optional retract system can be purchased separately from Wowplanes. Assembly is quick with easy to follow online instructions manual. Can be covered with Wowplane’s revolutionary foam covering called Liquid Sheet ll, and painted in the color scheme of your choice. Scale accessories available from Wowplanes can be used for applying rivets and panel lines for a truly scale look.


A great flyer, looks absolutely scale on the ground and in flight. Full details and flight video at


Wowplanes Inc., Merritt Island, FL 32954, Tel: (321)525 9779, Web site:

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:15 AM
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