4 Responses to “E-flite Habu 2”

  1. Len Todd says:

    After installing the Flaps and Retracts, I found the Hahu 2′s CG to be >1″ forward of the spec. I ended up adding slightly over two ounces of lead to get to the spec CG. Consequently, I am a little hesitant to fly it, yet. Anyone else experience this CG problem?

  2. Bob says:

    Yes and I added 1.75 ounces to the rear to get it even close to balancing

  3. Dan carson says:

    Fantastic airplane: I needed 2.4 oz (67 grams) to balance at factory spec, but I did it with the wheels down, so that increased weight required in tail- (bb’s in tailcone). With wheels up, now balances about 1/4 inch behind stock, but no problems-perhaps even handles better. Take care, Dan

  4. Sal DiFloria says:

    Setting up a HuBu 2 with retracts and had to add 3.4 oz to the tail in order to balance using 4” per factory spec. thinking about relocating the ESC.

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