9 Responses to “Giant-scale, easy-build gas trainer”

  1. Don Horneff says:

    How much is it???

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      Rocco did not yet set a price for this at the time of the video, but am sure he’ll be happy to hear folks are interested! Stay tuned to the http://www.aero-works.net site for pricing information.

    • MaserNeil says:

      I contacted Aero-works this morning and they replied that “the GT 20 is still in the R&D stage and will not be available for several months, how disappointing.

  2. Mike Fabin says:

    What is the wingspan?

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      Believe it’s 88 inches. Rocco says the wingspan in the video (it’s definitely over 80 inches).

  3. Terry Sague says:

    Can they make the engine for the 20cc Zenoah instead of the DLE?

  4. Pat Huston says:

    Why waste your time reveiwing something that’s not going to be available for several months. In this hobby news worthy products are release everyday.

  5. Douglas Dixon says:

    To bad they can’t set one up for a 20cc Zenoah. Why not have several engine opts?

    • Tom says:

      Just modify it to take the other engine. That’s the problem with all the ARF planes om the market, no one knows how to build anymore!

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