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Youth Group attends the 2011 Joe Nall

Youth Group attends the 2011 Joe Nall

A youth group from the Grace United Methodist Church in Williamston, SC for the second year in a row made the trip to the annual Joe Nall Fly In at Triple Tree Aerodrome. Approximately 30 people attended the event including parents. From last year’s trip the group now has five new RC flyers and say they will keep us posted as to the this year’s RC recruitment. The reason the Youth group attends the Joe Nall is becasue it is a wholesome, family-friendly event and the kids are thrilled and entertained beyond belief. The group wishes to personally thank the event organizer Pat Hartness and the contest director Mike Gregory for helping make the trip possible.

Jim Cox, the youth group organizer has been flying RC since 1971 and is an attorney in Williamston.

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Updated: May 16, 2011 — 2:29 PM

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