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1/4-Scale AT-6 Texan

1/4-Scale AT-6 Texan

Bet you’ve never seen an AT-6 like this before! That’s because this incredible 126-inch-span aircraft is a prototype for a new CARF-Models offering. Flown by Andreas Gietz, this T-6 is powered by a Moki 250cc 5-cylinder radial engine that sounds magnificent and provides more than enough power (check out those really high-speed passes!). Split flaps, retracts, and a functional sliding canopy are the icing on the cake of this composite model. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon (aka Tbobborap1 on YouTube) for sharing this terrific video they filmed at the RC show at Weston Park in the UK.

Updated: June 24, 2019 — 5:09 PM
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  1. Too fast for scale realism. Otherwise, great model

    1. The Texans cruising speed was 145 mph. Its top speed was 208 mph. This model is 1:4 scale. Do you know how boring this plane would be cruising at a scale speed of 36.25 mph? It would still be rather unimpressive at a scale max speed of 52 mph, not to mention that he is cruising at 30 foot of altitude, which is WAY to low to true to scale.
      This plane is coming out soon, buy you one and fly around at 36.25 mph if you want to.
      fantastic plane, engine, sound, and flight.
      you have got to be kidding?

  2. Looks great, too fast, paint it in yellow as the Canadian version looked like

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