1/4 Scale Corsair — Whistling Death!

1/4 Scale Corsair — Whistling Death!

Looks great and sounds great! Check out this stunning bent-wing warbird, powered by a Moki 250cc 5-cylinder, radial four-stroke engine. Interesting fact: in the full-size fighter, the intakes for the turbo-supercharger, intercooler, and oil cooler were located in slots in the inboard leading edges of the wings. Air running through those slots at high speeds gave the aircraft a very distinctive sound, and the Japanese tagged the fighter with the moniker, “Whistling Death.”


Updated: March 16, 2023 — 2:14 PM


  1. Wow. Fantastic scale flying and sound

  2. Well the take off left a lot to be desired as well as the landing. There is a reason that student pilots practice touch and go’s a lot of the time. Anyone can do loops after loops. But precision flying takes practice. This guy builds a great plane but hus flying is not so great.

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