10-Hour, 45-Minute Flight!

10-Hour, 45-Minute Flight!

Is this 340-mile flight an electric endurance record? YouTuber Matthew Heiskell takes you through his build, set-up and potentially record setting flight with his Phoenix 2400 Matek F405 wing powered by a Racerstar 600KV motor and on a 50,000mAh 4S Li-ion pack. Nice job Matthew!

Updated: January 14, 2022 — 1:31 PM


  1. A quick Google for ‘Longest RC glider flight?’ gives –
    Named TAM-5, the 11-pound plane flew 1,888 miles from Canada to Ireland in 38 hours, 53 minutes. It set world records for longest distance and longest time ever flown by a model airplane.15 Dec 2003.

    Guess you have a way to go.

  2. Charles Tully – TAM-5 was *not* powered by an electric motor…

  3. Awesome flight!

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