1:1 Scale Cri-Cri

Electric RC Cri Cri

When a full-scale aircraft is radio-controlled, does it count as a 1:1 scale model? Check out this RC Cri-Cri MC-15, powered by two Hacker A200-6 motors. With a 192-inch wingspan, this aircraft is certainly big, but it seems to us that only a smaller person would be able to squeeze into its cockpit (if I had to choose, I think I’d rather fly in the big triplane that’s in the background!). Thanks to RCHeliJet for this great video.


  1. With a large canopy like that, it is amazing that the elevator and rudder are effective!

  2. Has to be one of the ugliest airplanes I’ve ever seen! Wow! Proves anything can fly, I guess.

  3. Yes, a big full sized human does fit into the Cri Cri. I interviewed Howard Rose who build and flew one. Howard was a BIG person, but he fit in there with his co-pilot, Jiminy Cricket right behind him! I videotaped Howard taking off from Big Bear Airport (density alt about 11,500) with performance to spare. Howard weighed more than the airplane.

  4. Not the first 1:1 RC Aircraft, that distinction goes to the USAAF in WWII with explosive laden B-17’s.

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