12-Engine Flying Boat

12-Engine Flying Boat
A true scratch-built project, this 1/10-scale Dornier DO-X done up in 1929 Lufthansa livery was designed, built and piloted by Michael Bräuer. This impressive built-up plane has a 16-foot wingspan and weighs in at 132 pounds, and it’s powered by twelve (12!) O.S. .62 4-strokes. Michael notes that he spent a year building this giant plane and that it has Futaba servos, fiberglass engine cowls and retracts and that its top speed is 59mph. The sound those 12 powerplants make is incredible, and the video shows how well the model flies. Thanks to RC Media World for taking this footage at the Hausen am Abis Flight Days Airshow in Switzerland.




Updated: March 31, 2016 — 11:37 AM


  1. Debra–You’ve done it again with this incredible model! The challenge of starting and synchronizing 12 engines on this bird is quite a feat. It doesn’t hurt that the scenery in the shot is ideal.

  2. The most shocking thing here was that when he landed, he still had 12 engines running. I assume the fuel tanks are in the wings so I guess you would need fuel pumps installed. Beautiful model and expertly flown.

  3. FYI This is not a flying boat, its a amphibian, has wheels.

  4. Irritating amateur commentators need to shut up, for crying out in the night–or simply be edited out!

    1. Spoken like a true irritating amateur commentator…

  5. Great looking plane,beautiful in the air too.

  6. The full scale aircraft was a true flying boat. It looks like the model was fitted with wheels in order to have more flying sites.

  7. It is actually a flying boat, as its fuselage is a hull – it is an amphibious flying boat.

  8. 1 word BEAUTIFUL

  9. I would travel across the pond just to see that incredible model. Wonder if he has done a water takeoff and land?
    Thanks Debra, it’s gorgeous.

  10. Hope an engine doesn’t quit. He would then be faced with the dreaded “11 engine approach”!

  11. Find someone who knows how to run a video camera. Aircraft was fine and dandy Bravo. My cat could take a better video then whoever this person was.

  12. Great workmanship and flying aptitude !!

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